Monthly Meditation for Health and Wellness

Are you looking for regular meditation? If so, come along and join us at our monthly Meditation.

Meditation at Work

Workplaces can often become a huge source of intense stress and anxiety for people. This can cause people to become unfocused, unmotivated, unproductive and unhappy during work. Regular meditation sessions in the workplace can help reduce this stress and anxiety, as well as increase focus, compassion, energy and productivity. Schedule a workplace meditation session at either your organisation or at the Veronica McClintic Healing Centre to start your journey to having a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.


Amalia BMeditation
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Veronica worked with our organisation, Larrakia Nation, to deliver meditation and well-being sessions in order to help staff develop resilience and self-care strategies.
By the end of the three sessions, the participants were able to apply the practices they had learned to both their personal and professional lives to help with relaxation and a sense of mindfulness. Veronica’s ability to bring laughter and light to the sessions helped participants feel at ease during the classes, with the participants asking for more sessions to strengthen their practice.
I would highly recommend Veronica’s work to any organisation seeking to support the wellness of it’s staff.
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I have been attending Veronica’s meditations since 2014. During this time I could see my spiritual beliefs grow and expand. I became a kinder person, a much more considerate person and less judgmental, I began to live in the NOW.
In 2016 I lost my 15yr old granddaughter in a car crash and to help me cope with her loss I started having healing sessions with Veronica and through these healings, I was able to accept her death by finding peace and releasing the anger I felt.
In March of this year I had a healing session with Veronica which resulted in me becoming aware of a medical issue which needed to be addressed through medical intervention. I had a major operation and now I am recovering from it. Had it not been for the healing session I believe the medical condition would have gone on unnoticed as there were no symptoms to indicate something wasn’t right.