World Relations

Are you able to embrace and love unconditionally all people, despite their differences?  Are you able to accept others from a different culture, religion, country or sexual orientation?  If the answer is no or you are unsure, the World Relations course is a must.

In this course you will clear underlying hatred, resentment, grudges and prejudices against others who are different to you or perhaps the same as you, by identifying the negative feelings and beliefs you may have and being able to release and heal them through the Creator.

The World Relations course is a powerful tool to create a legacy of love, joy, happiness and peace in the world which can be experienced now and passed down through the many generations ahead.  You will have the opportunity to identify and heal the negative aspects of your inheritance that prevent you from understanding and embracing other people.

After this course you can expect to not only feel amazing and incredibly energised but your understanding and love of other people despite their cultural differences will increase and take you to another level of peace and harmony.

What will I learn from World Relations?

You will:

World Relations teaches you how to apply the technique of theta healing on yourself and on others. 

You will receive a Practitioner’s Manual.  Upon successful completion of the course a certificate will be provided.

Course Details


Basic ThetaHealing®, Advanced ThetaHealing® and Intuitive Anatomy


Full price $1,100 / Deposit $300 / Repeat course $400


9:00 am – 4:30 pm


To be advised


Veronica McClintic Healing Centre


5 days


The deposit must be paid upon registration which is one week prior to commencement of the course.

The final balance must be paid before the course.

Please see the Terms and Conditions of payment and Privacy Policy.